Finesse Fitness Assessment

Includes cardiovascular, strength & flexibility and body fat testing. Goal planning and nutrition advice. 45 min.


Personal Training

Pilates Training: Using Pilates machines, this work helps build strength while developing long lean muscle tone, promotes flexibility, good posture, agility & coordination. Suitable for all fitness levels as well as for post-rehabilitation. Workout in a comfortable private studio.

Feldenkrais® “Awareness through Movement®” classes: Raise the quality of your movement to a level you never dreamed possible.

Pilates Matwork: Develop the muscles more efficiently with cross-training. By incorporating Pilates mat exercises you can achieve a level of self-mastery, integrating your mind and body.

Finesse Strength©: Athletic training using weights, dumbells and apparatus combined with selected exercises using total body weight. Available both in the Woodland Hills facility and in Home Fitness Training.

Finesse Structured Cardio©: Improve cardiovascular fitness with no stress on the body, while improving muscle tone during a guided workout on a rebounder.

Finesse Tranquil©: A perfect antidote to stress learn proper breathing techniques and  how to center yourself and relax while performiing a series of gentle stretching exercises. Enhance flexibility and well-being.

Finesse Waterworkout: Cardiovascular exercise in the pool, can be adapted for any fitness level and include apparatus for deep water training.

B.O.S.U. Core Stability and Cardio training: This unique form of training combines a number of exercises to increase stamina and endurance.

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Programs are available, specific to the trimester. Please call for details.

Individual Program Design and Post-Rehab Conditioning available to suit specific requirements, please call to schedule an assessment meeting.

Housecalls may be scheduled
for your workouts.

Prices available on request.

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