In my Feldenkrais classes you will learn to move differently
and create a new awareness within yourself and your body.

Classes suitable for all fitness levels.
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Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) developed his system of exercises over a 40-year period. His expertise in Physics, Engineering and Judo brings together Science and Natural Art of Human Movement. In it’s unique way, this combination based on sound mechanical principles creates new neurological pathways and offers a means to improve many aspects of everyday functioning.

Whether sitting or walking in a more comfortable way or performing more developed skills efficiently, Feldenkrais® can assist you in learning to move more freely and use your body more efficiently to reach it’s fullest potential.

Feldenkrais can assist in the release of stress, improve mental alertness, improve relaxation and promote a feeling of well-being. You will feel lighter, more agile and flexible, and will obtain more expansive, effortless breathing. Many people have found relief from repetive stress injuries, musculo-skeletal difficulties, stress, headaches, and neurological disorders. Athletes, dancers, artists, actors and musicians often achieve a greater value of performance optimization. Feldenkrais consists of a series of lessons rather than a system of treatment. Lessons are imparted in two ways: as Funtional Integration® (F.I.) and Awareness Through Movement® (A.T.M.).

Functional Integration® (F.I.) is taught in a one-on-one environment with the client on a special table. By exploring patterns of everyday movement, this method encourages the discovery of new possibilities and choices in the way you move. The whole body is the key focus of the method. We work on connections between the nervous system and the skeletal/muscular systems to create new neurological pathways. By learning to use these new pathways, a greater efficiency of movement is achieved.

Awareness through Movement® (A.T.M.) classes are distinguished from all other forms of exercise and utilize the power of the brain and nervous system. Taught in a group environment using verbal instruction, the group is guided through a sequence of movements in positions ranging from lying on the floor, sitting on chairs, standing, and other positions designed to change the way you think about doing things. The focus is on small, gentle movements where awareness is the key to enable you to move in ways you never thought possible.

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